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Aydian Dowling

Birthdate: July 1987

Mens Health Cover Model Runner Up

Owner of Point Five Athletics

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Training Out Of:

Eugene, OR

Aydian's Favorite Quote

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$99 per month

"Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality." -Les Brown

Trainer INFO
  • "Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I'm not, now they represent everything I am."

Thank you for your interest in working with me! I am very excited to begin working with clients like yourself, around the world, to kick start them in the direction of complete wellness. 

Here is a quick background as to why I am beginning online coaching:
My journey with health and fitness all started when I first wanted to physically transition. I knew I couldn't start HRT until after I had approval from a therapist, but I wanted to get started NOW! I knew that if I could shift the way I felt about my body, even in the slightest way, before starting hormones- I could be happier, sooner. It was with this decision to start training and caring about my health that I learned training went beyond just the physical. I learned that the commitment, willingness to push through workouts, and the amount of learning that was going on, I wasn't just changing my outsides, I was changing how my mind worked too. I started feeling more confident and actually feeling proud of myself, even in the body I was in. It was like a light went off in my mind that told me, "You CAN do it, Aydian." And as corny as that sounds, I don't think I had ever truly heard that voice before. Ever since I let that strong confident voice out, I can't seem to shut it up! Coming from a depressed and unmotivated person- I didn't want that voice to shut up either!

This is why I want to work with YOU! If you're interested, I want to not only teach you how to properly move your body in the world of fitness, but also I want to challenge you to explore yourself within your own mind. We will work together and learn the best ways for you to get fit and healthy! This can be through training at a gym or at home! Plus, we will dive in our relationships with food! We will find out why we eat the way we do and work in new ideas of thinking and train not only our body but our minds in creating more well rounded eating habits. We will kick start you on your way to weight loss or muscle gains!

My program is offered at $99 a month including access to the App. This is a reoccurring fee through PayPal which can be cancelled at anytime. Which include but are not limited to:

-3 or 5 day Workout plans-Instructional videos on How To Perform Movements

-Log Your Exercises and Share with Me Instantly

-Upload and Track Your Progress right on the App!

-Macro Coaching-Nutrition Tips and Answers

-Weekly Challenges for Your Creative and Aspiring Mind 

-100% direct access to My Transform Email (All done directly on the App!)

-Guaranteed Questions Answered within 12-24 HrsLast but not least


- I would like to make it very clear and known that at this time I am offering Online Wellness Coaching. Once I pass my NCCPT Certified Personal Training Test (2-6 Months) I will be offering Certified Personal Training! Sign Up Today! (Upon joining you will be Emailed and asked to fill out a basic 'get to know you form' as well as an Informed Consent Waiver before we can officially get started!) I am looking forward to joining forces with you to create the life you always dreamed of! If YOU want to change your life- I want to be your guidance and Number One Fan! 


With love,

Aydian Dowling

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