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Interested in Joining
Transform Fitness?

Thank you for your interest in Transform Fitness. We assist personal trainers in getting started with online personal training, as well as providing an advanced platform for trainers already offering online services. Trainers remain independent and in charge of their own services, rates, and clientele.

What We Provide To You
  • An individual webpage
  • Updates to your page
  • Access to over 100 workouts
  • Payment Processing
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Referral Incentives
  • Video Exercise Library
  • Client Tracking System
  • In-App Messaging
  • Commissions on Meal Plan Sales
  • Trainer Notifications
  • Support
How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There is no cost to you. Your client will pay a $20 monthly membership which supports the services we provide to trainers, website maintenance, app fees, hosting, bonuses, incentives, and many other expenses.
The $20 fee is applied to your total monthly fee, so if your rate is $120 per month, the monthly rate on your webpage would be $140.
In addition, paypal charges a transaction fee, so 3% of your total will be applied to that.

*After setting up many trainers who didn't market themselves to get clientele, Transform Fitness now requires a $100 deposit for web page creation. This will be returned once you reach 5 clients in any given month within your first three months. If you do not reach this, your money will not be refunded. If you don't have any clients within three months, your page will be removed. This helps us to keep only DEDICATED trainers on our team. Once you submit your application and deposit, we will begin working on your page.

Approximate Potential Earnings As An Online Personal Trainer
So, here's a question we get a lot, so we took a moment to break it down. Obviously, every personal trainer is going to have different packages and pricing options, but in this example, we figured an average of $100/monthly coaching rate.


# of clients      Monthly Income          Annual Income
13                     $1,000                          $12,000
26                     $2,000                          $24,000
39                     $3,000                          $36,000
52                     $4,000                          $48,000
65                     $5,000                          $60,000
78                     $6,000                          $72,000
91                     $7,000                          $84,000
104                   $8,000                          $96,000
117                   $9,000                          $108,000
130                   $10,000                        $120,000

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