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Training Out Of:

Miami, FL

Tommy Murrell

Birthdate: July 27th 1978

NASM CPT, NASM Weight Loss Specialist,

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, KBC LVL 1

Kettle Bell Instructor, Bulgarian Bag, Animal Flow Instructor, TRX

2016 Transfitcon Overall Winner

2016 NPC 3rd Mens Physique Open

Meet Your Trainer 
Tommy's Favorite Quote

"I can do whatever it is , I put my heart and soul into"

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STANDARD: $75/First month, $100/month after

OPTIMAL PLAN: $175/First month, $200/month after. Includes 4 x 30 min video sessions!

The answer is simple, I AM JUST LIKE YOU.

I came from less than stellar nutrition , dealing with anxiety, knowing I wanted more out of life but not knowing how to achieve it. My fitness journey started at 22 , I was 190 pounds at 40% body fat and broken in every sense of the word. I had experienced years of religious abuse , emotional abuse from a partner and I was the king of panic attacks. I went to psychiatrist for help but the medication only made things worse. I
had done some research and found out that I could fight my anxiety with exercise and I started hitting the gym. My frustration grew because I was not seeing the results I wanted see. So I hired my first Coach, lost 5% body fat in two weeks, got see how strong I really am and got my panic attacks under control. Then I just fell madly in love with bodybuilding and have been in a long amorous relationship with Bodybuilding since. So fast forward to now . I am 200pounds, at 10% body fat, I compete in
bodybuilding competitions and I have been able to instill a passion for fitness for my clients. So I will write out a program for you to follow and the we video chat once a week; so that we are clear on what you have to execute. Remember, that we all do the same exercises, but the execution of those exercises separate us from the herd. There is also a mental aspect to training that I want to make very clear because the mind controls the body. Let’s go on a life changing journey where we attain the goal of being mentally strong and physically fit to conquer whatever life throws at us.

Who am I ? Why train with me?

Tommy Before

Trainer INFO
  • Specializes in:  Weight loss, weight gain, and body transformation.

  • Fitness has been the gateway to radical self love and to keeping a sane mind, there is nothing I desire more than to share my passion with the world 

  • "Fitness is Life!"

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