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Thailand Transformation Trip 2018


Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Thailand Transformation Trip!

*When will this trip take place?

-The 2018 Thailand Transformation 8 Week Vacation will take place June 14th - August 9th. Participants will have accommodations for a full 60 days to allow for early arrival or late departure.

*What was the inspiration behind this?

-I was fortunate to spend a couple months in Thailand a couple years ago. While I've been a certified personal trainer for 7 years now, I've never experienced such a place that really allows such focus on health and fitness while exploring an amazing culture, people, and adventure. I want other people to experience the same thing I did as I help them transform their body and mind through nutrition and fitness at an affordable price.



*We will be staying in 

the Nimmanhaemin 

area as seen at 6:10 

in this video.








*Speaking of price, what is included and how much money should I expect to spend?

-The $990 per month covers accommodation which will include access to a pool, gym membership, nutrition guidance, and personal training. You will have two months dedicated to fitness and a lot of fun. A deposit of $990 will reserve your spot one month prior to your arrival. The other $990 will be paid upon check-in.


You will be responsible for your flight and any passport or visa-related fees. Please check your country's visa requirements. As a US Citizen, I get 30 days on arrival and need to extend for another 30 days. It may be different for you. You should plan to save and bring $2,000 per month, for a total of $4,000, which includes the $990 per month.

This will be more than most people will need as the $990 per month covers most of your necessities. Chiang Mai has very affordable food. You can get Thai meals for $1-$3. Of course there are fancier places where you can spend as much as you'd like, but that's not necessary. Western food will run you closer to $5-6 in many cases but it is very accessible if you're not too adventurous. I happen to LOVE Thai food.

You cannot drink the water in Thailand, so you will spend on bottled water, but I can't imagine you'd spend more than $30 the entire two months.











Other expenses to consider are utilities (should be less than $50), cell phone/data (less than $30), motorbike rental ($80-$100/mo), and entertainment (movies $3 for example), or maybe you'll want to catch a bus to a nearby city. There are many free and inexpensive things to do in the area. To mention a couple options, there are a ton of temples to explore, elephant sanctuaries, street markets, day trips, etc. If you like Thai massages, you can expect to pay between $7-10/hour, which is insanely cheap. With the workouts, it won't hurt to get a couple of these per week.

*Who is a good candidate for this Thailand Transformation?

-If you have the summer off and have some cash on hand, you! If you are self-employed and can do your work from anywhere in the world, this is DEFINITELY for you. I understand this isn't an option for everyone. In fact, until recently, it wasn't an option for me. Fortunately, this will not be the only opportunity available. This is just the beginning.


Transform Fitness was created with an emphasis on "trans." As a transgender male, I wanted to help others make the same type of transformation I've made over the years.

That said, this is geared towards other trans folks, BUT it is open to partners and friends of attending trans* travelers. Transgender is an inclusive term as far as I'm concerned. If you identify as trans/non-binary/agender/etc. you are welcome. 


*What will accommodations be during my stay?


-Accommodations will include a studio apartment with 

a private bathroom. Rooms will have air conditioning

and access to a pool.

If you and a partner or friend choose to stay

together, you will pay only $880 per month, 

instead of the $990 rate. Please notify in advance

and request single beds if necessary.

*How will I get around the city?

-Fortunately, I've chosen an area where everything is convenient by foot. The gym, food, shopping, and entertainment is easily accessible. Motorbikes (scooters) are the main method of transportation in Thailand. If you would like to rent one, you can expect to pay $80-$100 per month. You can always take a taxi, tuk tuk, or motorbike taxi. Chiang Mai also has a company called Grab, which is Asia's version of Uber, who they bought out in Asia. A couple bucks will take you almost anywhere within 10 miles or so. If you want to go to nearby cities, you can pay for a spot in a van (travel service). A 3-4 hour trip to Pai may only set you back about $6.


                                                                                                  Keep in mind if you do rent a motorbike, it will be in                                                                                                      your best interest to get a Thai driver's license. I can                                                                                                    help you with this upon your arrival. It will cost 1500                                                                                                    baht (about $45). You won't get hauled off to jail for                                                                                                      not having one, but you will be stopped for some on-                                                                                                    spot fines. It's best to just avoid the hassle. 


                                                                                                  ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.a






*I have a prescription for testosterone, estrogen, or other hormones.

Am I able to take these with me? Can I refill my prescription in Thailand?

-I had no issue traveling with my testosterone. Please check with your airline for specifics.

I'd recommend you fill your prescription in your home location, but in a pinch, you do not

need your prescription to get medication in Thailand. You just walk into the pharmacy and

tell them what you need. With that said, you will need to use caution as the pharmacies in

Thailand aren't under the same regulations as they are elsewhere. I was able to get

testosterone towards the end of my last trip when I needed it. If you plan to bring it

back to your home location, please be sure you have your prescription with you so

you have no issues.


Please contact us here.

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