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“Be fearless, be motivated and be your true self. Nothing is more important than to
inspire the world with your true colours.”
“Muscles are genderless.”

Favorite Quote

When I started bodybuilding in 2014, I never thought I would go that far. In 2018, I earned my professional status in women bodybuilding and became one of the first IFBB Pro Asian/Chinese female bodybuilders in the world, while I openly identify as genderfluid.
As a non-surgical and non-binary person, I am comfortable and confident with my body. Muscles are genderless, as men and women share same anatomy of muscles. I believe everyone can achieve their own desired bodies, regardless of whether they identify as man, woman, transgender, or genderfluid.

I only started sports when I was 18. I was once a marathon runner, a rower and a representative of Hong Kong Women Team (Dragon Boating) to the East Asian Games. I am an Ambassador and Sports Lead of Gay Games Hong Kong 2022, a sports event that would
bring people of different sexual orientations and gender identities together (see more

Bodybuilding has changed my life greatly. That’s why I would love to dedicate my passion to people who would want to make a change in their lives. Bodybuilding, to me, is more than just training muscles; it is a sport that connects your body and mind, a sport that helps
discover who you really are.

IFBB Pro Athlete, Overall Champion (Women Bodybuilding) in 2018 IFBB

Vancouver Pro Qualifier, 1 st runner up (Women Bodybuilding) in 2017 Miss International Classic;

3rd runner up (Women’s Physique) in 2016


Arnold Classic Hong Kong; Champion
(Women Physique) in 2015 NABBA Miss Universe (Cebu)

Siufung Law

Hong Kong

One of my transman clients once said, “Bodybuilding has allowed me to feel confident about myself again. And I am happy with how I look now.” He is a trans guy who cannot perform any sex reassignment surgery, and through proper diet and training, he was able to attain a chest he has always wanted.My another female client, who had suffered depression for a very long time, said,

“Bodybuilding made me go through depression.


I am happier since I started working out. I eventually overcame my depression by focusing more on my fitness goal and found joy and motivation in it.”If you train with me, you will learn more than just bodybuilding and fitness techniques. You will benefit from my training philosophy that is unique,

mind-blowing and most of all, effective. You will become the master of yourself, both physically and mentally!(To know more about me, you can follow my IG @siufung_law and my website at



$ 150.00 / Month


$ 200.00 / Month

You will receive from BOTH Standard and Premium plans:
- Personalized Training Plan (Cardio and Workout)
- Personalized Diet Plan
- Nutrition and Supplement Guide
- Assess to my training videos
- Weekly progress review

For Premium Plans, you will have EXTRA:
- Instant Messaging
- Assess to my Advanced training videos
- 20-minute Facetime/Video call update on progress (per week)​

Client Specialty Focus:

- Fat and Weight Loss
- Muscle and Strength Gain
- Body Transformation
- Nutrition
- Contest Preparation and Posing for Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness and Figure

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