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As a certified personal trainer of 9 years, Trey’s passion to help others stems from his past battle of obesity and depression. He understands the relation between mental and physical health on a very personal level.


As someone who has struggled with Binge Eating Disorder from a young age,he is able to provide a perspective of someone who has gone through therapy for his eating disorder.


He recognizes that many people have similar struggles and isn’t afraid to help his clients dig deep and discover the things that have been holding them back.Trey has worked with a variety of clients from 16 to 94 years old.


As a transgender man, many of his clients also come from the LGBTQ community. The difficulty of living in a world that does not recognize one’s true identity is something he has experienced in his own life.


One benefit of proper nutrition and exercise is the ability to shift the body to match the mind.


Let's hear some real testimonials from real people, experiences and achievements!


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