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Bodies4FIT by Leslie Fusco

Birthday: January 19th

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Bodybuilding, Women's Physique, Figure, and Bikini Competitor

Meet Your Trainer 

Training Out Of:


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$120 per month

Services Provided
  • Personalized Weight Training

  • Education on Healthy Eating and Nutrition Meal Plans

  • Contest

  • TRX Training

  • Specialized in Prenatal and people with disabilities

  • Injury Prevention, Proper Form and Technique

  • Weight Loss

  • Transformation

Leslie's Favorite Quote

“Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits!”

My passion for health, fitness and sharing my knowledge and experiences gives me the enthusiasm and dedication I have today. I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and proceeded to compete in gymnastic competitions.  

Later, I became a Certified Gymnastics Coach.  I began going to aerobics classes and starting weight lifting, which I loved. On my 19th birthday,

I began training and dieting for my first competition. I competed in bodybuilding, placing 3rd. I was the youngest competitor. Over the years, I
have competed in Bikini, Figure and Women’s Physique.
I have 20 years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, coupled with my career as a Manager working with both Mental Health and People with Disabilities. These together give me the drive, experiences and knowledge to reach out to everyone and empower all of you to be successful in your health and fitness goals!
Life has No Limitations, except the ones you make! I’m going to educate and motivate you to be person you aspire to be!
My goal to my clients is to educate, motivate and inspire you to make a conscious lifestyle changes to yourself and your body, so you can live a happier healthy life.

Some of the benefits you can expect from training with me include: boost your self-esteem, confidence, energy, enjoy a happier life, and enjoy more activities with your family and friends. Physical activity is great for cognitive function and helps with mood, depression and anxiety. I’m very passionate about adult and childhood obesity. I encourage my clients to emphasize to their families the importance of both exercisingregularly and making healthy food choices as a lifestyle, instead of trying to lose weight just for an occasion.Lastly, I will hold you accountable and I will push you past your comfort zone and not let you give up! I’m devoting 110% of myself to you and your goals, so you succeed and get your results!

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