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How do I become an affiliate?

*I want to be sure I am promoting something I support. Could you send a free copy of the meal plans?

-Unfortunately, we do not send free meal plans.  Our plans are registered dietitian-designed plans so you can be sure they meet the necessary guidelines. You can, however, purchase at full price with your affiliate link and receive the 50% commission.

*How do I promote your products in exchange for commission?

-Once you've created your affiliate account, e-junkie will provide an affiliate link for you to use on your website or that you may send in an email as a link.  You may also sign in to e-junkie to view your sales.

*How much will I receive from each sale?

-Our affiliate program pays 50% commission on every meal plan sold.

*How and when will I get paid?

-Transform Fitness pays affiliates monthly through the paypal email address you provided to e-junkie. Payments will be sent by the 5th of each month for the preceding month.

*Do I need to interact with customers?

-No. Once customers purchase a meal plan through our website, everything is taken care of on our end.  You simply collect the payout each month as we distribute it.

*I have additional questions about your affiliate program or I'm interested in a partnership. How can I contact you?


-We are happy to answer any questions you have or discuss partnership opportunities. Please contact us here.

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