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Owner of Transform Fitness


As a certified personal trainer of 9 years, Trey’s passion to help others stems from his past battle of obesity and depression. He understands the relation between mental and physical health on a very personal level. As someone who has struggled with Binge Eating Disorder from a young age, he is able to provide a perspective of someone who has gone through therapy for his eating disorder. He recognizes that many people have similar struggles and isn’t afraid to help his clients dig deep and discover the things that have been holding them back.

Trey has worked with a variety of clients from 16 to 94 years old. As a transgender man, many of his clients also come from the LGBTQ community. The difficulty of living in a world that does not recognize one’s true identity is something he has experienced in his own life. One benefit of proper nutrition and exercise is the ability to shift the body to match the mind.

Trey is also a disabled Veteran dealing with a recent Epilepsy diagnosis, as well as having arthritis and bulging discs in his neck, asthma, sleep apnea, chronic pain, and various other conditions. He understands how discouraging it is to live with health conditions that make it more difficult to engage in everyday activities, let alone adhering to a workout and nutrition regimen.


Currently, Trey is only offering online training and nutrition services due to Covid-19. If you want to make a change and become a better version of yourself, select the program that you believe will help you achieve the goals you have. If you need help making that decision, feel free to send a message and Trey will get back with you.

Hello!  Trey here.  Yes, that's me over on the left.  Well, kind of.  The truth is, I don't even know that guy anymore.  I was fat, miserable, and completely depressed.  I was trapped in a vicious cycle.  I binged because I didn't know how to deal with the pain.  The emotional eating resulted in more fat gain, resulting in more depression, then more eating.


At some point, you realize your actions aren't getting the results you want.  The day I took this picture, I knew I was about to make a change.  It wasn't easy, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself.  Now it's my turn to pass my passion onto you!


Trey received his degree in Strength, Nutrition and Personal Training (AAS) through Glendale Community College (AZ). He then went on to get certified as a personal trainer through a very well-known and respected national organization, American Council on Exercise (ACE).


With a passion for fitness and nutrition, he has been in the business for over 9 years. He enjoys helping his clients achieve their goals through education and hard work. Whatever your goals, whether fat loss, improved fitness, or building muscle mass, Trey finds enjoyment in helping you get there.

AAS Exercise Science: Health, Fitness, and Sports Performance (2012)
ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2011)
Certification of Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness (2011)


Online Training and Nutrition

$ 150.00 / Month

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Nutrition Plan

$ 100.00 / Month

(Includes up to a 12 week beginner gym workout program)

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  • Unlimited Contact, Replies within 48 hrs

  • Tailored Workout Plan for your goals

  • Cardio Plan for Rapid Fat Loss

  • Nutrition Guidance and Macros Coaching

  • Weekly Check-In

  • Motivation and Much More


  • You must track your food with My Fitness Pal or similar app

  • You must have a good food scale to weigh your food accurately

  • You must have a good bathroom scale for accurately tracking weight progress

  • YOU MUST CONTACT ME for weekly check-ins. I limit my clients so please only contact me if you want results and are willing to work for them.

  • You must be honest with me if you fall off plan or miss your workouts. You're only hurting yourself by not providing this information

  • Do the work and the results will come!

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